Blue Force Diving (Egypt)

Blue Force Diving (Egypt)

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Blue Force Diving (Egypt) reviews

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Blue Force 2 Egypt Liveaboard

Great boat, great crew, great guides and great diving Verified review

Just back from a great week of diving in the Red Sea from Blue Force 2. The boat was recently renovated and has a fresh and clean interior, and is kept well clean by the crew. My only complaint about the boat - and this was specific to my room (No. 2) was that when we were moored up at the Travco Port (first and last nights) I got a lot of diesel fumes in my room :((( Everything was very professionally managed from start to finish, and our comfort and safety were a clear priority. The dive group were divided up into different groups, each with a guide. Whenever anyone in the individual groups reached 50 Bar, that group would do a safety stop with the guide, who had an SMB. There was unfortunately not the opportunity - most of the time - to separate off the safety stop pair (person plus buddy) from the rest of the group to allow others to continue, but I would say that over the course of the week people were moved into groups with people of similar (in)capabilities... Guides are overly-courteous, to the point where I had wished that they would correct some of the behaviour of some of the guests (people shouldn’t take massive dive cameras on a dive when they don’t know how to control their buoyancy, don’t pay attention to their surroundings and don’t know how to use their cameras...!!!). Frustrating to have people constantly swimming into me from every angle. Most of the guests/clients appear to come from Spanish-speaking countries - meant I got to practice my Spanish. All the crew/guides speak English fluently, and dive briefings (before every dive) were held in both languages. We dove 3 times on the first day, then 4 times/day after that, and I got 2 dives in on the final day (24 hour rule applied before flying) - so a total of 21 dives done. Fast and efficient tank fills and lots of space for gear. Some of the dives were from a Zodiac but most were from the boat. Water temperature (in July) was around 27 DegC. I wore a 3mm wetsuit with a 5mm hood, and would have been more comfortable with a 5mm wetsuit. Am only saying this because I had wished I had this advice before I went. Overall, an absolutely FANTASTIC week of diving with a great and super professional company who I would definitely recommend. The icing on the cake was that they had a professional underwater videographer on the dives with us, and we got a free video of our trip at the end of the week :) I hope you enjoy your trip!
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Red Sea Blue Force 3 Liveaboard

Amazing crew and diving Verified review

Could not be happier with the week spent with Red Sea blue force 3. Diving was great and safety was always top concern. Food was great, always plentiful and good variety. Chef made each meal tastier than the one before. Crew was top notch, always there to help weather with food, with your gear or just giving hand in or out of water. The three divemasters we had took utmost care of the teams. Val, Mahmood and Ahmad were as good divemater you can get. Overall no complaints. I want to comeback just for these. On top, you add amazing dives with sharks, wrecks, reefs and corals. Need I say more. Overall I did 15 dives, and skipped two night dives. WiFi was there but spotty, who cares. You will have plenty to do :) bathrooms were clean and cleaned every day too. Beds were as good as it gets on liveaboard. I truly recommend this to everyone. With love and gratitude- Rumman
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Red Sea Blue Force 3 Liveaboard

Meets expectationsVerified review

Hi, Overall good experience. One downside was the fact that we had to go for 10 hours from Ras Mohammed to the brothers at a rough sea. Next time i'll book a trip in a smaller area. The service on the boat and the guys always helping out was great!
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